Saturday, June 2, 2018

Boy drowns in Shivaji Talao

At around 7 pm on 28th May, two boys aged around 16 years each went for a swim at Shivaji Talao. They have been regular swimmers at the place.
Sadly, one of the swimmers , Vijay Suresh Bagadi , a resident of Valmiki Nagar, Tank Road, drowned. His friend Vikas Rajesh Dinga survived.  According to Vikas , Vijay got a shock and drowned.
Inspite of the search conducted Vijay's body could not be found. Only on 29th May by around 10 pm could his body be found. BMC has banned swimming in Shivaji Talao. A watchman too is deputed to take care of the pond. However, due to multiple entry points, one security guard cannot do justice.
There have been longstanding demand to start boating and other activities here. If the pond is a place of activities such things will not happen. Every year, a lot of drowning cases happen here.

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