Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mulund Vasant Garden Renuation by BMC on expence of Rs.3 cr

Soha Foundation, an NGO, was formally launched on 8th September 2008 at the hands of Charan Singh Sapra, MLC, Government of Mahrashtra.

The concept of Soha was designed by Gulshan Vijayshankar, who is into profession which is relative to the Medical Stream. Gulshan explained "Since I have been working abroad in the medical health stream and was surprised to see people there enjoying total basic education, health benefits etc with ease, whereas people in India were in a state of apathy. Therefore I decided to make a sincere effort towards initiating a process of adopting a social responsibility of creating a better tomorrow for the poor & needy".

The basic strength of Soha lies in its team which comprises of Youth leading the field work and the experienced elders looking into the administration. Mr. M.Vijayshankar one of the trustees said that " Soha and its initiatives have received voluntary support from Youth belonging to far flung states such as Madhya Pradesh and Assam"

Charan Singh Sapra, while addressing the gathering said that he was glad to be a part of the launch of Soha and expressed that it was his experience that big movements have initially always been a small efforts of committed people who believed change can happen if they genuinely try, and the launch and cause was no different from them, he further announced his support to the causes undertaken by Soha and wished the organization and its team the best of luck".

Free Educational Kits were distributed amongst children on this occasion, at the hands of A.K.Vasudevan, C.R.Unny, M.Vijayshankar, K.N.S.Nair, who have expressed their patronization for the NGO.

Safe Securrity at Ganesh Visarjan Security with Mulund Police in Mulund - Mumbai - India For Ganesh Bhagt

Lalbagcha raja Ganesh Photo

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