Saturday, February 18, 2017


*I have been requesting for votes only through social media.*
*I do not like to takeout processions and cause traffic jams and noise pollution nor like to disturb you by approaching you to vote for me*

*Election for choosing your Corporator is close now. Chose someone who is on the field and not enclosed on ac car & cabins*

*I was, am & will be on field with my camera as a photojournalist. But if u support me i will be on field not just to report issues but also to resolve them.*

*I am contesting as an independent candidate for MCGM election in Ward No 103 of Mulund. Incidentally, my symbol is a CAMERA.*

*I request you to place faith in me. You have voted for political parties, influential people, and this time vote for a Photojournalist. I will not let you down.*

*21st Feb 2017,*
*7:30am -  5:30pm,*
*At your polling station, Press Button With Camera Symbol, Serial no: 6 on Ballot Box*


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