Thursday, May 21, 2009

The first ever Navkar Bhasya Jaap by Sri Jayantbhai Rahi at Palitana.

On 13/05/09 at 0900 hours at Shantrunjay Mahatirth (Dada na Darbare) Taleti Ground, first ever Navkar Bhasya Jaap of Sri Jayantbhai Rahi in the shubh nishra of P.P.Muniraj Shri Devratna Sagarji Maharaj Saheb have been functioned at Parna Bhavan compound & performed very nicely in the nishra of about 170 sadhviji bhagwants & 20 sadhu bhagwants.  The arrangement was superb followed by Swami Vatsalya at Kalyan Soubhagya daramshala.  The '99' yatriks enjoyed the jaaps & even after completing 2 yatras they seated for not less than 4 hours.  Thanks to the office bearers & the volenteers of '99' yatra bal anushthan varishtha committee for the nice arrangements.  Many aaradhaks have specially visited Palitana for this historical jaap.  It will be a memorable event in the history of Palitana as first ever jaaps has been functioned on this pious land of Taleti!!!

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