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Healthy Baby Contest at Mulund West Mumbai india by Dr. Milind Sejwal

A complaint to make against Amnesty Scheme for Stamp Duty ABHAY YOJNA

Amnesty Scheme has started from the Government side, probably with noble cause, but when I myself went under this scheme for my own agreement I came across number of loop holes which I would like to mention below in brief and also would like your office to take up this matter with the reason that if this loopholes are removed surely many of them want to take the advantage of this Abhay Yojana. But right now the atmosphere at Chembur office is such that one feels as if the Government/Officers are doing obligation on us accepting our Agreement for the scheme.1 No proper window mentioned where in one can get the forms of ABHAY YOJANA. People keep asking to every possible window that they come across. 2 No one to guide on the required papers, depending on case to case basis. Windows stop accepting files after 3.00pm.3 Windows to accept payments by Bank Drafts also shuts by 3.00pm even though one finds long queues after 3.00pm, Time should be extended and payments need to be accepted upto 6.00pm4 A chart is required to be placed at proper place mentioning the progress of various files number wise and from which window one can get the information of the same for further procedure. What date one is called, mentioning the right time number wise. Here there is total mess with hips of files everywhere. Here we find every person trying to chase peons or any one that is working in stamp office. Knowledgeble person (especially agents) is ready with tips to be given and gets his work done faster. But people coming for Abhay Yojana are new, so they keep moving from window to window with their queries.5 The procedure of geting Bank Drafts should be made known or mentioned properly at some right place because Abhay Yojana needs two separate drafts, one for Stamp Duty and one for Penalty with Bank letter confirming the same. Two drafts and hence office has to issue two receipts, this leads to double work for staff. The reasons best know to the Authorities.6 In short there is total chaos when one goes to the Stamp Office and it seems that there is total lack of infrastracture with no one to care for or guide you for anything.Our Association went and approached the Collector, Stamp Office Chembur, Shri Ravi Patil when the scheme was out, with the request to organise a workshop in the suburb of Mulund which was to be totally sponsored by our Association. A workshop where people are taught as to the requirements for Abhay Yojana and to answer different queries that people have in their mind. But Shri Patil turned down our request as they didnt had anything or anyone to look after such work shops and due to the Amnesty Scheme going on, their department was loaded with extra work.We are sure that due to lack of knowledge very few people will be able to take advantage of this scheme, as most of the agents try to cimplicate the matter with their clients asking for too many papers, sometimes evey chain agreements (which are not required). Finally they behave as if they can settle the same with few papers provided they are given proper fees as certain amount has to be passed on to the officials if his work is to get done with given documents.We request you to kindly take up this matter so that many can opt for this scheme and maximum can take advantage which will result into excellent revenue for the Government.

RPI rasta Roko Mulund Eastern Highway

Making mockery of Government slogan JAGO GRAHAK JAGO telling every customer BE A SMART CUSTOMER (advertisement by Ministry of Consumer Affairs

Imagine a same brand, same quantity, same packing having double MRP (Maximum Retail Price) in Mall then the MRP it has for selling in small retail counters.

Company with the name Priya Biscuits in connivance with big malls have went to an extent that their product Coconut Crunch, with pack weighing 350 gms and same packaging and contents has an MRP of Rs. 35/- which is sold in Big Bazar, where as the supplier who caters to the small retail shops has the same product with same quantity and pack being offered to small retailers with MRP printed on the pack as Rs. 20/-.

Here the Big Bazaar is offering scheme One Free on the purchase of one pack with their bill showing the NET SAVING on purchasing from Big Bazaar as Rs. 35/-.(is this the genuine saving a customer has done?)

Is this the scheme or fooling on the innocent customers ? is this the progress being made by the Government Department who is all out to educate customers through the advertising spending lakhs of rupees and doing nothing to curb such cheating being done by such big retails and companies ? Customers are under the impression that they have saved 50% by buying from malls and the impression is created that small retailers are cheats as they don’t pass the schemes.

We have with us both the packs for your information and also the bill issued by Big Bazaar who is shouting from the roof top that they offer a huge discounts. We have attached with this email a photo file consisting of Pack photos with its bills.

Kindly take action on the war footing as we feel that no one should take customers for granted.

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