Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moon and Star in triangle is some thing special ?

Resident & NGO become helping hand for an OWL……..

PAWS-Mumbai rescue team member Hussain Shaikh with
Raju Kale Society Manager with rescued Owl

As the breeding season of Owls is over during this period, the young Owls often nesting in the blocks on the building drainage arrangement are barely able to fly. However, to escape the heat in the block, they suddenly try to fly out. Being new to the area and flying, they fall prey to the crows, cats or to other animals. Moreover, due to people's belief that an Owl found in there house is a bad omen, many end up hurting it says Nisha Subramanian Administrator PAWS-Mumbai

Recently the Gem Powai Vihar C.H.S. resident found such guest in there society and they call up the PAWS-Mumbai team who guided the resident how to catch the bird, the resident successes in rescuing the bird. "As such bird was new to us & we do not know how to handle such birds, but as per the guidance of PAWS-Mumbai Office, we successes in rescuing the Bird, and hand it over to PAWS-Mumbai Team" said Society Secretary S. Devishankar.

PAWS-Mumbai rescue team member Hussain Shaikh who reached the spot said "the Owl was not injured but it was afraid & was in dehydrate condition, after giving multivitamin drop & keeping for some time in safe place. It will release back in to natural habitat". PAWS-Mumbai Helpline : 2596 8314

Large numbers of tree are been badly trimmed on road side at IIT Powai

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