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Hari Om Nagar at Mulund East gets its First BEST Bus Route Started at Mulund after 10 yearsLocal Shiv Sena, BJP & Congress Leaders to contest with eac

मुलुंडच्या राजकारणातही ऑल दि ''बेस्ट''
मुलुंड पुर्व द्रुतगती मार्गावरील हरीओम नगरमधील रहीवाश्यांनी गेली दहा वर्ष, हरीओम नगर ते मुलुंड पूर्व स्टेशन अशी बस-सेवा सुरू करण्याची मागणी बेस्ट प्रशासनाकडे केलेली होती. त्याचे फलित म्हणजे दिनांक 1 जून 2008 रोजी बेस्ट प्रशासनाने सदर बस-सेवा सुरू केली. मात्र या कामाचे श्रेय मुलुंडचे सारे राजकारणी घेण्यासाठी हरीओम नगरमध्ये याच दिवशी बस-सेवेच्या उदघाटनाच्या वेळेस जमा झाले होते.यात कॉंग्रेसचे चरणसिंग सप्रा,डॉ. सोखी, आमदार तारासिंग, शिवसेनेच्या नगरसेविका ज्योती वैती, भाजपाचे मनोज कोटक इत्यादींचा समावेश होता. प्रत्येकजन आपला शिक्का कसा चालेल याचाच प्रयत्न करीत होता. मात्र हरी ओम नगरमधील नागरिकांनी या ढोंगी राजकारण्यांना ऑल दि बेस्ट म्हणत, प्रथमचं सुरू झालेल्या नव्या बेस्ट- बसमधून प्रवास करण्याचा आनंद लुटला.


Hari Om Nagar at Mulund East gets its First BEST Bus Route Started at Mulund after 10 years

Local Shiv Sena, BJP & Congress Leaders to contest with each other to gather credit fo the same .

There was a long pending demand [since pasty 10 years ]from locals regarding provision of a special bus to ferry residents of Hari Om Nagar and nearby to Mulund [East] Station. Their prayers were answered today when a new BEST Bus Route no 495 was initiated by the BEST Committee. What surprised all the residents was the presence of representatives of rival political parties on the same dias, but countering each others claims to gather the credit for providing the much delayed Bus Service.

The Local Shiv Sena, BJP leadership claimed that it was due to their insistent follow up that the Bus Route Was approved, and the Congress MLC, Charan Singh Sapra claimed that it was since recent his appointment as MLC that the process gained pace.

Ex-MP Kirit Sommaiya, MLA Tara Singh,BESt committee Chairman- Pravin Chedda all belonging to BJP shared the dias with Congress Municipal Councilor Mrs. A.K.Sokhi, and MLC Charan Singh Sapra also present were Shiv Sena Municipal Councilor Jyoti Vaity and local Shaka Pramukhs who boarded the New Bus and took a short ride.

The residents of Hari Om Nagar were at first tensed about the inauguration program as they feared occurrence of unpleasant incident due to friction between the rival party workers, but at the end they went home entertained thinking that even the heavy rains during inauguration did not dampen the spirit of the local politicians as sarcastic remarks and claims were made by leaders against each other to claim their share of fame in the inauguration of the new Bus Route.

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A Murder of Garment Businessman Sanjay Pandhorang vedak (45)

Garment Businessman Sanjay Pandhorang vedak (45) of Bhandup Residing at 101, Padmavati Bldg, Opp Nahur Rly. Stn., (East) was shout out by 2 round bullet on head When he was going home by his car MH 31H 5998 After purchasing lots of things from D-Mart on 28th June 2008 at 9.15pm and Due to loss in Business he closed down Business kanjur marg police has registered this murder case and IO Borde stated inquire With in 48 hours they found accuse 3 person Name Roshan Kadam , Satish Vitkar , Shankar engle were arrested under Section 302, 120B, 34, 325 @ without license firing with gun and murder and were presented to Mulund court on 30 th june 2008 at 4 pm and they had pc till 11 July and they were found Privies Business Partner They did this for12 lakhs rupees which they had given to Sanjay for Business , sanjay was not able to give their money

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