Thursday, February 15, 2018

300 cataract operations conducted free of cost

Shri Rameshbhai Thakkar of Manav Jyot sponsored 300 cataract operations on the occasion of the birthday of his wife Mrs. Vimalaben Rameshbhai Thakkar. Operations were carried out by Dr. Namrata Harish Mangalani of Anmmol Orthovision Hospital, Mulund west.
Those who opted to undergo the operation were asked to make a donation of Rs. 1000/- to Manav Jyot Trust. However, even those who could not afford this nominal amount were also accommodated. Thus, The needy could get the operation done at a nominal cost of Rs. 1000/- or for free whereas generally the operation would have cost anything between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000/- 
A get together was held at Shishukunj (Vijay Society Hall) to appreciate Shri Rameshbhai Thakkar for his generous gesture.
Present at the meeting were Shri Sunderbhai Mulji Shah and Shri Harakhchandbhai Savla.
Shri Kulinbhai Luthia, Trustee of Manav Jyot explained the working of the trust to the audience.

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