Friday, August 31, 2012

First Eco-Friendly Bike Launched @ Rs 26,000

The world's first environmentally-friendly bike was revealed in Pune by Ayub Khan Pathan, an electrician, who together with his fellow workers, productively created the solar bike that runs on solar power.
While talking to reporters, Pathan stated that after three months of uphill struggle, the eco-friendly bike is lastly all set to hit the roads.
The mechanical parts of the bike have been transmuted in a way to permit it to work on solar rays, making it soundless as well as pollution free.
He added that with the enhancement in the prices of petrol, the bike is an ideal option as it has solar rays DC panel and DC supply together with a battery charger.
With a button start, the newly launched solar bike can cover up to 50-60 kilometers without energy fuel.
The average of the bike will be around 200 to 250 in the day as the battery will get completely charged.
In case of cloudy weather conditions, the bike batteries can be charged with the help of a multi-use socket.
At present, the price of the bike is Rs 26,000 and may diminish to Rs 16,000, after large scale production is undertaken.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lacknow news of Mahavir idol

Administration to replace Lord Mahavira's statue
TNN Aug 26, 2012, 03.12AM IST
·         state government|
·         Lucknow Municipal Corporation|
·         District magistrate|
·         Anurag Yadav
LUCKNOW: The district authorities will install a new statue of Lord Mahavira at Mahavira Park. According to district magistrate Anurag Yadav the idol, that will cost Rs 21 lakh, will be installed within a week. The idol was damaged by a mob after Alvida namaz last week on Friday, much to the embarrassment of the state government. The decision to install new idol of Mahavira was taken after a delegation from 'Indian Jain Prabodhini' met the DM and raised the demand to install a new idol. Yadav said that the state government has already directed the culture department to install a new idol.

Cops yet to make any arrest in Alvida namaz violence 

Delay Despite Official Claims That Some Hooligans Identified

Rajiv Srivastava TNN 

Lucknow: After slammed by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court,which took serious view over the violence that took place after theculmination of Alvida namaz in the city recently and soughtstate governments reply as to what actions it has taken for installation of new statues and bringing the culprits to book,senior officials claimed that a few hooligans have been identified.However,what is intriguing is that none have been arrested so far.
This assumes serious dimensions,as the group,which had initially given the call for demonstration to protest against alleged violence in Assam and Burma had decided not to stage protest after persuasion by the district administration and police officials.The supporters of the group were duly informed,the police had then claimed.
It also makesclear thatthe culpritswere noneother than those who wanted to vitiate the atmosphere and infuse communal hatred in a city known for its nawabi culture,and brings the police under the scanner as to what is stopping it to act tough against those who flaunted vandalism to the extent of damaging the idols of Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha.
The hooligans strangely didn't stop here,they even manhandled camerapersons and press photographers who had grabbed their heinous act in their cameras.Their bid to target scribes is testimony to the fact that they were not serious about their protest,but only wanted to vitiate the atmosphere, DIG (range ) Navniet Sekera had told reporters on August 19 and added that is why they either had covered their faces or wanted camerapersons not to click them indulging in vandalism.
Sekera also had said that a fewof hooligans,whowereinvolved in making an attempt todisrupt peace andharmony in the city known for its cultural values,havebeen identified and said the process to taken direct action against them will be expedited immediately after Eid.
The action-taking process has been deliberately slowed down in view of the festival to stop trouble makers to take advantage of the festival in disrupting peace of the city,Sekera had told mediapersons.He had also assured of transparent and effective action against all the trouble makers who were involved in Fridays incident in the city.However,both transparent and effective action against all the trouble makers is still awaited.Thecourthas posted the matter for next hearing on August 29.
The dilly-dallying approach adopted by the district and police administration in the state capital had come for questioning on the day of Alvida namaaz when the marchers had started from Teelewaali Masjid and moved till Hazratganj Crossing.The police at most of the places had remained a mute spectator and had not made a single arrest despite hooligans indulging in vandalism intermittently.Not only this,the hooligans had crossed Pariwartan Chowk to reach Hazratganj Crossing without cops even trying to stop them even once.
In fact Sekera while talking to journalists on August 19 had admitted that it were lapses on the part of the police administration that allowedhooliganstocrossP ariwartan Chowk and reach till Hazratganj Crossing.Efforts to contact the DIG (range ) and SSP RK Chaturvedi on Saturday proved futile.

Admin to replace Lord Mahaviras statue 

Lucknow: The district authorities will install a new statue of Lord Mahavira at Mahavira Park.According to district magistrate Anurag Yadav the idol,that will cost Rs 21 lakh,will be installed within a week.The idol was damaged by a mob after Alvida namaz last week on Friday,much to the embarrassment of the state government.The decision to install new idol of Mahavira was taken after a delegation from Indian Jain Prabodhini met the DM and raised the demand to install a new idol.Yadav said that the state government has already directed the culture department to install a new idol.
Meanwhile,the cash counters at Lucknow Municipal Corporation will remain open on Sunday between 10am and 3pm to allow people to depositthe house tax.This will be the last Sunday before August 31 when the scheme to deposit house tax with 10% rebate will come to a close.TNN 
Repairing 2 vandalised parks to cost Rs 45 lakh

Lalmani Verma : Lucknow, Wed Aug 22 2012, 07:17 hrs
The last Friday’s vandalism at Gautam Buddha Park and Haathi Park in the Old City area of Lucknow by a mob has led to a loss of around Rs 45 lakh to the state exchequer.
According to Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC), which maintains the Haathi Park, the cost of repairing the damaged structures at the park will be nearly Rs 25 lakh. The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), on the other hand, has estimated the repairing cost of Gautam Buddha Park at
Rs 20 lakh.
The mob, which was protesting against the alleged atrocities on Muslims in Assam and Myanmar, had damaged various structures, including the statue of Gautam Buddha inside Buddha park and the statue of Swami Mahavira at Haathi Park.
LMC junior engineer Malay Kumar Dhar, who had lodged an FIR on behalf of the LMC at Wazirganj police station, said the damaged red stone statue of Swami Mahavira will be replaced with a new one and that will cost around Rs 9 lakh. The elephant statue at the park will also be repaired. Several benches and lamp posts will have to be replaced, he added. The LMC started repair work of the entrance gate of the park on Tuesday.
The LDA, which formed a team on Saturday to inspect Gautam Buddha Park and assess the damage there, said around Rs 15 lakh will be required to construct a new 125-metre-long reinforced cement concrete wall around the park as the existing boundary wall has been damaged. “There are some scratches on the statue of Gautam Buddha which will be repaired. Lamp posts, benches, railing, grills, various small statues and plants were also damaged in the park and all will have to be repaired,” said LDA Vice-Chairman Rajneesh Dube.
LDA officials said minor works would be completed in three days whereas it will take around three weeks to complete the boundary wall of Buddha Park.
Dube on Saturday had written a letter to the Lucknow district administration to take precautionary measures to avoid such incidents in future. Five FIRs, including one each from LMC and LDA officials, were lodged at different police stations against unidentified persons in connection with Friday’s vandalism. But the police are yet to make any arrest.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Protest at mulund

pls share this post to protest against those who broken jain 24th Tirthankar Mahavir swami idol at uttar pradesh government must punish those Peace Rally at Mulund (W) - Mumbai on 26th Aug 2012 sunday at 9am

Just two days before the Eid festival, a section of Muslims resorted to vandalism and arson after offering Friday prayers in several parts of UP to register their protest against the violence in Assam and Myanmar.
The Jamiat Ulema had organised the protests, which led to violence in Lucknow, Kanpur and Allahabad.
In Lucknow, at least 15 people were injured, including five photojournalists, while more than nine vehicles were damaged.
In Kanpur, hooligans attacked a cycle market and ransacked several shops. In Allahabad, more than 24 shops were looted and nearly 200 vehicles were damaged. Even though the state intelligence agencies had sent out alerts about the outbreak of violence after Friday prayers, the district authorities in these cities failed to react to the simmering tensions in the community.

Additional DG (intelligence) OP Singh said instructions were issued to ensure proper security and added that the situation in these cities and elsewhere in UP was now under control.

protest at Mulund (W) - Mumbai 

on 26th Aug 2012 sunday at 9am

government must punish those people who broken jain idol in up

Friday, August 24, 2012

5 ft viper (ghonas) snake road jam.

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To: <>, "Arvind Tripathi" <>, "ABHIJIT DESHMUKH" <>, "Ajinkya Mhatre" <>, "amit mohare" <>, <>, "malhar bhatt" <>, "prashant balurgi" <>, "Mukesh Chavan" <>, "prafful chavan" <>, <>, "Sapna.Desai" <>, <>, <>, "Sidhesh Rao" <>, <>, <>, <>, "Mahesh More" <>, "Nitin Maniar" <>, "Nitin Maniar" <>, <>, "Rajil Menon" <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, "dinesh patel" <>

ये साप घोनस जाती का विसारी साप हे ये साप अम्बरनाथ शिव गंगा नगर में शिव धारा बिल्डिंग के पास सबेरे दस बजे रोड पे आने जाने के रास्ते पर रुक गया था आते जाते लोग डरे हुए थे लोग अजगर समज कर यहाँ वहा भाग रहे थे इसी वक्त सर्प मित्र प्रकाश गोहिल को फ़ोन करके बुलाया और तुरंत वहा पे सर्प मित्र प्रकाश गोहिल आये और उन्होंने देखा की पांच फुट का घोनस साप ने बहोत बड़ा चूहा खाके रोड पे ही डेरा जमाया था उसी वख्त सर्प मित्र प्रकाश गोहिल ने घोनस साप को बिना तकलीफ दिए आसानी से पकड़ कर इस घोनस साप को निसर्ग में छोड़ दिया.          
Thanks & Regards

Prakash Gohil


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