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Mumbai, Mulund- 2 December 2014

Journalists Question Political Leaders of Patronage to Such Criminal Elements.

Nitin Maniar a freelance photo journalist received death threats from a local goon, affiliated with the Maharashtra congress party for refusing to give away photographs he had clicked, on 1st December 2014, of an accidental death of an electrician working with marathon developers in Mulund (published in newspapers on 2nd Dec 2014). The accused Mitesh Thakkar claims affiliation to the labor wing of the congress party as a Secretary of Maharashtra INTUC Congress and is a resident of Thane. Mitesh had called upon Nitin Maniar and sought all photos ‘on the site photographs’ of the deceased electrician. Maniar questioned the objective of seeking the photographs and refused to share the same after sensing Mitesh Thakkars doubtful intentions to misuse the photos. Thakkar threatened Maniar with dire consequences if he refused to share the photos after which Maniar headed straight to the local Mulund police station to lodge a complaint against Mitesh.  The duty officer of Mulund police station Police Sub Inspector Mrs Bhagat registered a non cognizable offence against Thakkar and called to warn him. Thakkar was arrogant and instead of apologizing he threatened Maniar again in front of the lady duty officer and left; which was noted down as a remark by the police sub inspector.

While Maniar was leaving to his office he was stopped by Thakkar, barely a few meters from the police station, and abused him with expletives while boasting of his political status & connections with congress party political bigwigs. Thakkar left only after threatening to kill Maniar by breaking his legs and throwing him on railway tracks in front of a running train. Maniar immediately returned to the Police Station and sought intervention of the Senior Police Inspector Mr. Vanmane who in turn instructed the Police Sub Inspector Ms. Bhagat to register an FIR against Mitesh Thakkar under IPC sections 341, 504 & 506 (2). Mitesh Thakkar has been arrested by the Mulund Police Station.

Maniar says, he will approach all the congress leaders with a memorandum & seek their response to the political patronage extended to such elements who unabashedly threaten press representatives. After the news spread about the threat to Maniar local press belonging to the print & electronic media came in support of Maniar and condemned the incident and sought strict action against the accused.

For Details Please Call
Mr. Nitin L. Maniar – 9768006860

Documents Attached
1) Copy of Non Cognizable Offence (registered at 1:00 pm)
2) Copy of FIR (registered at 2:00pm)
3) Photographs of Mitesh Thakkar on Hoardings alongside Congress Leaders

on 3rd dec 2014 at 4pm Mitesh Thakkar was Produced at Mulund 27 court declared Judicial Custody till 9th dec 2014 and then he got bail 

The Accused Mitesh Thakkar

 Mitesh Thakkar in one of his Facebook Pic Flaunts a Gun

Photo Journalist Nitin L. Maniar outside Mulund Police Station

Accused Mitesh Thakkar (circled) in hoardings flaunting his association with Congress Leaders 

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