Friday, March 20, 2020

Against Corona Virus Why Janta Curfew for only One Day?

At least 5,7,10 days, more or less as needed, of curfew should have been imposed excluding daily essentials & emergency services. Only this could have contained further spread of the COVID- 19 Virus. 

The standstill would have hit the Indian economy but it would have helped identify virus positive people and with treatment led them to recovery within those very curfew days itself.

Thereafter we would have struggled purely to raise the failing economy. But the lack of central governments vision and pro-activeness is pitiable. Moreover the PM address to the Nation had nothing much in terms of heartening or pacifying content but was aimed more at making at event of a pandemic for one Sunday, 22nd March.

Compared to the central government the state government of Maharashtra is responsibly acting and foresighted at initiating measures to secure the state from COVID-19.

I again call upon the PM to come up with some concrete, assuring & visionary measures to tackle the global pandemic in India. And further request him to refrain from indulging in news maker remarks at the cost of the global pandemic and rather concentrate on doing what a leader is supposed to do, Take Charge. Extend the Curfew.

After the PM addressed the Nation yesterday night it seems the finance minister has setup a panel to analyze the repercussions of the Pandemic and measures to control further damage, Health wise and economical. Which means the PM merely addressed the Nation without having any proper mechanism in place or without any consultation with the concerned Government Departments. It is only after PM address that the concerned departments have woken from their slumber and now are trying to put together something to show. Pitiful.

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