Sunday, June 5, 2022

Disclamer for advertisement response

Any newspaper or media company is not bonded with advertiser for any kind of instant response on their advertisement,
response is depend upon requirement and supply in market, even if you are giving heavy discount people don't have time to come immediately, they keep in mind and in their pocket your offer and they come after your offer time period is completed may be 6 months later or year later, it means your product is very good but people doesn't need now may be later they can contact you when they are in need.

so you must design your advertise good and think 100 times before giving offers you are has to do planning with your media company, also co-operate your media company 

until you will not do advertisements continuously hammering you will not get success. people are spending crores in advertisement but we have also seen people with 5000 expense they get corers of business at what time and session you are giving offer it means a lot. 

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