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PNR News Exclusive Report on Fever Pitch 2008 – 2009
On 12th & 13th December, two days inter Colleges festival "Fever Pitch 2008 – 2009" was organized by VPM's R.Z. Shah College at Mulund (East) were around 28 colleges & around 1000 student were taken part is various competition from Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, Dombivali, Kalyan, Kalva, Thane, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikhroli, Ghatkopar, Sion, Matunga & Airoli area, this festival was inaugurated by Dr. V.A. Pai, Principal of the VPM's R.Z. Shah College with his inspiring speech to the students. In this festival, the students not only enjoyed the competition but also given the tribute to our brave officers who have laid down their lives to the call of duty to save Mumbai city from terrorist attack.
Shri. P. D. Gavande, the Chief Guest of the event, had guided the student how to became responsible citizen of country, Shri. N.B.H. Kulkarni, the founder president of the VPM, guided the student community about how to maintain discipline in their daily life. While talking with PNR News, Student Council Secretary Sampson Fernandas said "In such event when students get involved in extra curricular activities, it brings out creativity of the students, which genuinely contribute to our country". The attraction of the festival was celebrity & actor Abhijeet Kelkar who not only guided the students, but also enjoyed the students by dancing with them and also shared his experience with students.
Mehandi Competition
Winner :
1st : Dhawani Vora (NES Ratnam College)
2nd : Samina Mansoori (Gurukul College)
3rd : Prafulla Patel (Gurukul College
Best out of Waste
Winners :
1st : Samina Mansoori (Gurukul College)
2nd : Bhagyashri Jadhav (Vikas College)
3rd : Kinjal Vora (Gurukul College)
T-Shirt Painting
Winners :
1st : Prerna Hawala (VPM's R.Z.Shah College)
2nd : Grijesh Taiswar (Gurunanak College)
3rd : Tejal Lingayat (Birla College)
Power Point Presentation
Winners :
1st : Deepika Sadhwani (VPM's R.Z.Shah College)
2nd : Sonali Bhagadia (VPM's R.Z.Shah College)
3rd : Eshwari Pote (K.B. College)
Mono Action
Winner :
1st : Hemalata Pankar ( VPM's R.Z.Shah College)
2nd : Dipesh Malbari ( VPM's R.Z.Shah College)
3rd : Krishna Sawant (F.G.Naik College)
Solo Singing
Winners :
1st : Swathy Iyer (NES Ratnam College)
2nd : Ravindra Mane (NG Acharya & DK Maratha)
3rd : Mayuri Rane (Vikas College)
Duet Singing
Winners :
1st : Shyam & Ajinkya (RKT College)
2nd : Vyanktesh & Jijo (NES Ratnam College)
3rd : Abhish & Kushal (VK Menon College)
Clay Moulding
Winners :
1st : Shraddha (VPM's RZ Shah College)
Winners :
1st : Shyamshankar Nair (RKT College)
2nd : Sanket Varhadi (VPM's RZ Shah College)
3rd : Bhavesh Bhanushali (Gurukul College)
Tattoo Making Competition
Winners :
1st : Sanket Varhadi (VPM's RZ Shah College)
2nd : Pooja Kadam (VPM's RZ Shah College)
3rd : Shyamsankar Nair (RKT College)
Winners :
1st : Tushar Thorat & Pranit Palanebe (BVPM's Jai Bhavani College)
2nd : Rajan Upadhyay & Yashesh Shah (VPM's RZ Shah College)
Solo Dance
Winners :
1st : Rakesh Singh (RKT College)
2nd : Sonali Pawar (Manjunath College)
3rd : Sejal Thaker (Gurukul College)
Group Dance
Winners :
1st : Manjunath College
2nd : NG Acharya College
3rd : VPM's RZ Shah College


Avika Gor Mulund Resident Lovingly known as Balika Vadu.......!
Friends I proudly announce that Avika got 2 awards at ITA award function for best Child artist and Best Bahu...!
We @ mulund feel proud of her...!
You would be aware:
ITA--Indian Television Academy
2008 best child artist:
nominees were : Avinash from Balika Vadhu
Avika from Balika Vadhu
Krishan from Jai shri Krishna
Ameha from Baha Bahoo and Baby
Winner ofcourse : Balika Vadhu (Avika Gor)
Best Actress Drama :
Nominees were :
Parvati from Kahani ghar Ghar ki, etc.
Winner was Avika Gor

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