Friday, July 26, 2013

શ્રી મુલુંડ અચલ ગચ્છ સમાજ .

 સમગ્ર મુલુંડ ના અચલ ગચ્છ સમાજ ના ભાઈ બહેનો ની એક સામાન્ય સભા રવિવાર તા-૪/૮/૧૩ ના
સવારના ૧૧ કલાકે વાસુપૂજ્ય દેરાસર મુલુંડ-વેસ્ટ માં રાખવામાં આવી છે.
ચાતુર્માસ અને પયુર્ષણ પર્વ ની ઉજવણી બાબત ચર્ચા વિચારણા કરવામાં આવશે. તો સર્વે ને બહોળી સંખ્યામાં પધારવા વિનંતી.                          
                  લી-શ્રી મુલુંડ અચલ ગચ્છ સમાજ .ઝવેર રોડ .મુલુંડ=વેસ્ટ.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Students felicitated for their hardship of SSc and HSC students

Appreciating the success of the class 10 students, EDUMENTORS Mulund Raju Sir’s Academy WITH ALL  THEIR  OTHER BRANCHES from Mulund had organised felicitation programme of its SSC students.
The felicitation programme was organised on June 29 at Kalidas Auditorium. Students who scored above 80 percent in the Secondary School Certificate examination were present for this function with their parents. They were honoured with trophies.
For the topper, Akshay Pakhle FROM  EDUMENTORS BADLAPUR  BRANCH  - PONAM COACHING CLASS who scored 96.73% was surprised with a Tata Nano Car. Meanwhile, the First Topper from HSC certificate examination Science Student, Indrajeet Kaur from EDUMENTORS BANDUP  BRANCH - Advait  Academy  who scored 89% was felicitated with cheque of Rs.51, 000/- while the Second Topper Priyanka Bagal from EDUMENTORS  ANCH - RAO'S  CLASSES who scored 87% was awarded cheque of Rs.10, 000/-. the Topper Yash Kothari from EDUMENTORS Mulund (West) Branch  - Raju Sir’s Academy who scored 94.72% was also Awarded With a Thropy..
The ACADEMY is believed to be a BRANCHES of EDUMENTORS. They are in this field for the past 15 years. have BRANCHES AT SANDHURTH ROAD,  MAZGAON, GHATKOPAR, ANDHERI, BHANDUP, MULUND, THANE, DOMBIVALI, KALYAN AND BADLAPUR With their unique teaching style they have helped to shape the life of many students. Several students who were part of this academy are now engineer, doctor and have also excelled in other fields.

YEAR 5 ISSUE NO. 24th DATE 21st - 27th June 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

COFFEE WITH Film Star SHARMAN JOSHI at grand opening of cafe LOVE & LATTE

This is to invite you for the grand opening of most awaited cafe in Mulund LOVE & LATTE, on 13th July , Saturday 4 pm, ribbon cutting ceremony will be attend by film star Sharman Joshi .. 
At Love @ Latte, Nirmal Aviour, L. B. S Marg, Mulund west, Mumbai- 80

એ હાલો ફિલ્મ સ્ટાર શર્મન જોશી સાથે કોફી પીવા
નું ભવ્ય ઉદઘાટન

અપ સર્વેનું સ્વાગત છે.

આજે સાંજે 4 વાગે
નિર્મલ અવિઔર, એલ.બી.એસ માર્ગ, 
દિપમ્ન્દીર સિનેમાની બાજુમાં, મુલુંડ વેસ્ટ,મુંબઈ – ૪૦૦ ૦૮૦. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cataract Surgery camp at Aastha Health Care of Rotary Club

Rotary Cataract Surgery Charitable Centre was opened on at the hands of DGN Subhash Kulkarni in the presence of PDG Suresh Rathod and PDG Jayant Kulkarni. This Centre is working at Dr. Motwani's Aastha Health Care at Mulund West since last 8 years and has conducted more than 3000 surgeries under this scheme.The Cataract Surgery is being performed at nominal cost of Rs 2000/- in which all the Rotary Clubs and Inner Wheel Clubs of Mulund may subsidise it at 50%cost if patients come thro' the Clubs,it will cost the patient 50%of the mentioned cost.Tree Distribution Centre was also opened at Aastha Health Care at the hands of Corporator Bhavna Jobanputra and Samitha Kamble and the plants will be distributed free of cost.

For more details contact PP Rtn. Ramesh Motwani : 9322013310.

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