Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Every story is incomplete…unless you play your role! What’s your story?

NITIN needs your viewpoint on “Is India heading towards a civil war?”.

Brief description about the story:
...and did anyone say that we are already in it? Well, blame it on the dirty politics where it has been the norm to blend the racemic mixture of regional politics with national issues by politicians; who inherit the post but do not deserve it. This perceptual pattern has finally started to take its toll on the Nation that fought its fight for independence under one slogan - Vande Mataram.

Please provide suggestions, opinions, eye-witness accounts, if possible, on the following:
I would appreciate if you can unleash the reins and share your viewpoint; especially when the whole Nation is under the grip of the attacks in Mumbai. However, here are a few questions which have started giving me nightmares since 26/11. May be you can answer:

# 1. Does the current democratic set up gives you enough reasons to be proud to be an Indian?
# 2. Do you feel safe?
# 3. Is political apathy the main reason behind the rising terror attacks?
# 4. What do you suggest is the best way we can contain and combat terrorism?
# 5. Considering the series of terror attacks happening each month across the country, do you still feel confident that India can become a superpower?
#6. Can India-Pakistan ties withstand Mumbai bombings?

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