Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome back to learning world --- an Report & Photographs by : Sunish Kunju

Monday : 15.06.2009

SVB's Oxford Hight School is celebrating an event on the occasion of sochool re-opening day by welcoming Oxfordians for the academic year 2009 - 2010. The human body without the soul is of no value, in the same way the school without student can not be called a school.

While talking to PNR News, Head Mistress of School Smt. Shavinder Kaur said "the noble ideas of our founder president Dr.R.Varadarajan to welcome our students to make them feel important is carried forward by our worthy staff members of this institution .

The students were welcomed them by showering their blessing along with flower petals, handing them over welcome cards by Head Mistress along with her teaching & non teaching staff, playing soothing tunes on the orchestra, a movies show and by singing welcome songs to wish students all the success for the year ahead.

This functiond were ended by taking the blessing of goddess of learning "Ma Saraswati" in the form of Saraswati Pooja followed by sweets and prasad.

Kaur said an line " You can run the school without building but not with out these heavenly souls and for us students are the souls".

Shri Sthulbhadra Krupa Labdhi Jain International School Blessing of Guru Shri Chandrayash Surishwarji M.S.Pratistha

BJP MLA Sardar Tara Singh Dancing on this Occasion

Deepak Goser Falicitated by truste

Congress MLC Charan Singh Sapra Taking Blesssing from Aacharya Chandrayash Suriji Maharaj Saheb

Congress MLC Charan Singh Sapra was Falicitated by Gurudev Shree Aacharya Chandrayash Suriji Maharaj by a Gold plate Murti of Laxmiji

Congress MLC Charan Singh Sapra Inurating Jain Tempel As will as Jain International School
Shree Stulbhadra Krupa labdhi Jain International School.

Aacharya Chandrayash Suri Maharaj and Mayurbhai Doing Vimalnath Bhagwan Pratishtha

Owner and Editor PNR NEWS PAPER Falicitated by Shree Mayurbhai

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