Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mulund Annual get together of MULUND BRAMKSHTRIYA SAMAJ

In this 21st century, where youngsters are more interested in chilling out with their friends, MULUND’s BRAMKSHTRIYA SAMAJ are making efforts to pass on their tradition amongst their younger generation by organizing annual community get together.

This year's community meet was organized at SMPR School, Mulund wherein around 700 people from Mulund and the adjoining suburbs thane, Bhandup, kanjur marg, vikroli were present. From thane to vikroli 157 family residence.

"We have been organizing this event, for the last 25 years. It is a platform wherein people from different age showcase not just their talent, but also get an opportunity to know more about their culture and tradition," said Nitin Maniar, a member of this community.

Maniar added, "This one event is something more than just a get together. Through such community get together we educate our young generation about culture and the tradition. Younger generation has forgotten the essence of their community which is just reflected back to them from such events,"

The fun-filled event witnessed people from different age group enjoying several activities presented before them. This one day get together included both literary and cultural activities organised for all age group people, like drawing and speech giving competition on one side and singing, dancing, drama, fashion show and many other cultural competitions on the other side.

Hiren, a 12 year old kid said, "I am coming in this event for the last 12 years with my parents. Through such events we get to know more about our community and at the same time we love spending time with the senior most members of our family and community. Older members of our community have their vast age old experience to share with us and no other day can be better than this one."

Similarly, the senior citizens too feel the same. "We love to see our kids performing in front of us. Though they have excelled in different art forms, they need our guidance to understand the importance about their tradition as they are the ones who will have to carry it forward," said a senior citizen from the community.

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