Saturday, August 25, 2012

Protest at mulund

pls share this post to protest against those who broken jain 24th Tirthankar Mahavir swami idol at uttar pradesh government must punish those Peace Rally at Mulund (W) - Mumbai on 26th Aug 2012 sunday at 9am

Just two days before the Eid festival, a section of Muslims resorted to vandalism and arson after offering Friday prayers in several parts of UP to register their protest against the violence in Assam and Myanmar.
The Jamiat Ulema had organised the protests, which led to violence in Lucknow, Kanpur and Allahabad.
In Lucknow, at least 15 people were injured, including five photojournalists, while more than nine vehicles were damaged.
In Kanpur, hooligans attacked a cycle market and ransacked several shops. In Allahabad, more than 24 shops were looted and nearly 200 vehicles were damaged. Even though the state intelligence agencies had sent out alerts about the outbreak of violence after Friday prayers, the district authorities in these cities failed to react to the simmering tensions in the community.

Additional DG (intelligence) OP Singh said instructions were issued to ensure proper security and added that the situation in these cities and elsewhere in UP was now under control.

protest at Mulund (W) - Mumbai 

on 26th Aug 2012 sunday at 9am

government must punish those people who broken jain idol in up

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