Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Citizens to help electoral officers reach voters in Mulund for completion of voting id formalities

The Electoral Registration office, Mulund takes help of the active citizens in the vicinity to reach out to population of 2, 17, 000 starting from today onwards. Reason being these locals are well acquainted with the place and share good rapport with the people of the same locality which election officials find difficult to.

Non-Government Organisations (NGO) like AGNI, active locals and political party members have come forward to help these officials in this initiative. By March end everyone would be with voting identity cards, claims officials

"We have sufficient staff but problem is that our officers are restricted in several societies. In order to overcome this issue, we have asked locals from Mulund to help us reach the masses on a faster basis," said Sundeep Kalambe, Electoral Registration officer, Mulund.

While talking to one of the local on anonymity, out there to help these officers said, "Their problem is genuine and due to the terror attacks societies have become strict in its operations. Officers are new to the area and it's time consuming job for them trace the desired addresses. By our help, they can complete their formalities at a better speed."

To make this process simple, they have a form OO1B of these voters. "This form will be carrying all the details expect the photo and signature of the voter. Our representatives reaching out to them need to just verify the details and provide them this form, which will have to be submitted by them at the centre on the specified date mentioned," added Kalambe.

Officials will be moving in the area from Monday to Wednesday and if required on Thursdays also. Visiting door to door to reach to the voters would be the first step in this process. In the second phase, these forms would be collected from them at the 52 different centres in Mulund.

"This process will help us in catching hold of bogus voters too. While the genuine voters will receive their cards before March end," said Kalambe.

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