Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Murder of Garment Businessman Sanjay Pandhorang vedak (45)

Garment Businessman Sanjay Pandhorang vedak (45) of Bhandup Residing at 101, Padmavati Bldg, Opp Nahur Rly. Stn., (East) was shout out by 2 round bullet on head When he was going home by his car MH 31H 5998 After purchasing lots of things from D-Mart on 28th June 2008 at 9.15pm and Due to loss in Business he closed down Business kanjur marg police has registered this murder case and IO Borde stated inquire With in 48 hours they found accuse 3 person Name Roshan Kadam , Satish Vitkar , Shankar engle were arrested under Section 302, 120B, 34, 325 @ without license firing with gun and murder and were presented to Mulund court on 30 th june 2008 at 4 pm and they had pc till 11 July and they were found Privies Business Partner They did this for12 lakhs rupees which they had given to Sanjay for Business , sanjay was not able to give their money

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