Friday, January 2, 2009

Uttam Gite celebrates his birthday

Uttam Gite, general secretary of the district congress committee, also celebrated his birthday which also falls on the first day of New Year, 1st January. Uttam Gite, popularly known as "Anna" amongst his followers which prominently comprise of youths said that " Since my birthday falls on 1st January, it is associated with new year and my followers know about it, but this year I had decided to celebrate my birthday with a quite dinner with my family, but since people started calling up and coming to office, I had to be present at office to accept their good wishes". A small cake with "Happy Birthday Anna" written on it was cut at the occasion. Vijay Dethe, an associate of Gite said that " As always we had planned to celebrate "Anna's" birthday lavishly but since he refused the proposition we did not put hoardings and banners, but requested him to be present for some time to acknowledge greetings from our people"

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